1. Can I visit the Maeslant storm surge barrier up close?
It is only with a guide that you can enter beyond the security gates to get close enough to actually touch the barrier.

2. For whom is a guided tour suited?
Guided tours are often booked by a variety of groups such as schools, companies, clubs, families and tourists. As an individual, you can join one of our predetermined tours during the weekend or the holiday periods. We also have special English sessions. The schedule is on the website www.keringhuis.nl

3. Is a guided tour free?
No, for a guided tour we charge a fee. For information about times and prices, see our website www.keringhuis.nl

4. Is there sufficient parking at the Keringhuis?
The Keringhuis has a large free parking area. There also sufficient space for busses and touring cars.

5. May I bring my pet into the information centre and/or on a guided tour?
No. With the exception of guide dogs for the blind, no pets are permitted in the Keringhuis.

6. Is the Keringhuis and the Maeslant storm surge barrier accessible for wheelchairs?
Yes. The Keringhuis and barrier terrain are both easily manoeuvrable by wheelchair. There is also a wheelchair available in the information centre and we have a special handicapped toilet.

7. Is there a restaurant or catering facility at the Keringhuis?
Yes, there is a restaurant in the Keringhuis. The opening hours are the same as those of the information centre. However, during the winter months (October thru March), the restaurant is only open on the weekends if no prior appointment has been made for catering. For large groups it is possible to book a coffee/tea arrangement, lunch and/or drinks, in combination with a guided tour.

8. Can my company/organisation hold a meeting in the Keringhuis?
Yes, most certainly! In combination with a guided tour of the Maeslant barrier, we have three meeting rooms available: two large rooms (max. 60 and max. 120 pers) and a smaller room (max. 18 pers.). All rooms have beamers and projection screens. Should you so desire, it is also possible to reserve catering. If you are interested, we can draw up a tailored arrangement to suit your needs.


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